Solar Hybrid Systems (PowerCab)

A hybrid solar system also known as ‘on-grid solar with battery storage’ generates power in the same way as a typical grid connected solar system but has the ability to
store the solar energy generated. The Hybrid Back-Up System solution provides not only back-up power and protection from voltage fluctuations, but also produces its own power through the Solar PV Array. This flexible system leads to continuous independence from the grid in case of longer power cuts. The positive results are a considerable reduction in energy bills. PowerCab incorporates the above solution with the Inverter/Charger being the central component for this typical Hybrid system with photovoltaics. Even small wind turbines can generate electricity to support the grid connection in conjunction with PowerCab and provide energy during grid outages. The intelligent PowerCab handles all energy management and controls functions precisely. If the Solar PV system produces more electricity than is currently needed, the PowerCab stores the excess energy in a storage battery. Likewise, if more energy is needed than is currently being produced by the Solar PV Array, energy needs are met using the battery.

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Industrial Solar Hybrid Systems (Customized)

This system has the advantage of being easily integrated into an existing grid-feeding installation. The self-consumption is optimized by means of a automatic control system. A correctly sized system adapted to meet the customer’s needs guarantees the energy supply during power outages of the public grid.