Pico / Micro & Mini-Grid Systems (Customized)

The Solar PV Pico Grid is designed for up to 100 Houses and has a maximum capacity of 2kWp power providing for 2 Lights and a Phone Charger for each household. It is also extendable to a Micro Grid.

The Solar PV Micro Grid is designed for up to 300 Houses, has a maximum capacity of 10kWp power, providing for Lights, Radio, TV and other household applications.

The Solar PV Mini Grid is designed for over 300 Houses and a larger capacity up to 1 MWp power provided for Lights, Radio, TV, Fridge and and other household applications.

All systems have the potential to meet the essential energy requirements for isolated off-grid communities, while also providing the community with reasonable flexibility to electrify the village and achieve a higher standard of living.

Pico and Micro systems will operate on a power for cash scheme, giving the individual an option to purchase power on daily basis and individual requirements, without having to purchase a pre-paid meter which furthermore reduces initial investment costs.

The Pico and Micro Grid are designed as a cabinet based system as pictured below with direct connection to the consumer’s houses controlled from the centralized cabinet with load limiters.

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