About CAA

Communications And Accessories was first established in 1986 and was transformed into Communications And Accessories International in 1995. Since August 2010 it is a limited company, CAA Communications And Accessories Int. GmbH, situated in Augsburg Germany with extensive experience as an international trading and export Company.

Operations are concentrated mainly in Africa, where we work in close collaboration with locally situated companies. Our active involvement and interest in these countries has enabled us to expand our product spectrum and customer base. Our activities in the various countries provide us with insight into local market requirements and trends.

Through our involvement we have gained in-depth experience with diverse consumers such as Government Departments, large Administrations and Service Providers in all fields.

CAA Communications And Accessories Int. GmbH, utilizing its market experience, intends to expand to other countries by building new strategic relationships and exploring new business activities.  Intensifying our cooperation with service providers and outsourcing companies, encompassing not only product supply, but also installation and maintenance services in the renewable energy and other sectors.

In order to achieve this goal, CAA Communications And Accessories Int. GmbH is committed to its customers to provide excellent products and services, while encouraging the individual employee to have a personal commitment to all tasks.