Solar Lantern

  • Bright light
  • High efficiency, weather resistant solar panel
  • Water resistant, ABS housing (RoHS compliant)
  • Charge indicator showing the level of battery charge
  • Robust casing for long-life performance
  • Deep discharge & overcharge protection to preserve battery life
  • Easy installation
  • Energy Source: 2x Solar Module 12V 5 Watt
  • Light Source: 36pcs LED / 160 lumens
  • Rechargeable batteries: 6V 4100mAh
  • Charging time: Approximately 5 hours
  • Working time: 8 hours
  • Coverage: 360°
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • 2x Solar panels
  • Power adapter 230V
  • Mulitcharger
  • USB socket

Solar Hybrid Systems

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A hybrid solar system also known as ‘on-grid solar with battery storage’ generates power in the same way as a typical grid connected solar system but has the ability to store the solar energy generated. The Hybrid Back-Up System solution provides not only back-up power and protection from voltage fluctuations, but also produces its own power through the Solar PV Array. This flexible system leads to continuous independence from the grid in case of longer power cuts. The positive result is a considerable reduction in energy bills.

PowerCab incorporates the above solution with the Inverter/Charger being the central component for this typical Hybrid system with photovoltaics. Even small wind turbines can generate electricity to support the grid connection in conjunction with PowerCab and provide energy during grid outages. The intelligent PowerCab handles all energy management and controls functions precisely. If the Solar PV system produces more electricity than is currently needed, the PowerCab stores the excess energy in a storage battery. Likewise, if more energy is needed than is currently being produced by the Solar PV Array, energy needs are met using the battery.
This system has the advantage of being easily integrated into an existing grid-feeding installation. The self-consumption is optimized by means of a automatic control system. A correctly sized system adapted to meet the customer’s needs guarantees the energy supply during power outages of the public grid.

Solar Water and Irrigation Systems

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Solar Water Pumping and Irrigation Systems offer sustainable supply of water for Individuals, Institutions, Farms and Villages in all areas independent from any other power source.
Our extensive range of submersible, surface pumping and solar energy systems cater for all needs ranging from just a small system to large agricultural and village schemes pumping up to 50m³ per day from a depth of up to 180 meters. CAA not only supplies top of the range pumping equipment but furthermore can offer the whole water supply and irrigation scheme from the bottom of the boreholes up to the tap. Even existing boreholes can be upgraded to solar pumping stations no matter if it is a hand pump or any other electrical or manual pumping system.

Solar Off-Grid packages

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Our Off-Grid or Solar Power Solution offer complete independence from the national grid by providing continuous and uninterrupted power. Our customized systems are suitable for rural and urban areas and are offered in various sizes. They are also ideal for educational facilities, health care centers, private homes or small business entities with no access to Grid. Alternative power sources can be connected (e.g. Generator) to provide extra power or back up time when required. In case of a later grid connection the system can be integrated as a Hybrid.
We can customize our systems as per your requests and / or can calculate your optimized power consumption for you. Our average solar systems range from 200Wp to 2000Wp.

Other & customized solutions

Solar systems for telecom towers (customized)

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To assist telecommunication providers to increase their service level and enhance customer outreach CAA can provide optimised solar powered power hybrid or back systems for remote transmission towers.
The widely-used generator system is very costly and requires an extensive level of maintenance and service.
The solar systems as an alternative will allow uninterrupted mobile phone coverage in even the remotest areas with low maintenance requirements and will also allow for massive savings in operation cost by reducing fuel usage to a minimum.

Solar systems for lodges (customized)

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To assist businesses in the tourism industry to increase their service level and to improve customers experience CAA can provide optimised solar powered power hybrid or back systems for lodges, guest houses and hotels even in the remotest areas or islands.

The widely-used generator system as a back-up is costly and requires an extensive level of maintenance and service whilst being very noisy and polluting the environment. The solar systems as an alternative will provide uninterrupted power supply with low maintenance requirements and will also allow for massive savings in operation cost by reducing fuel usage to a Minimum.

Pico / Micro & Mini-grid systems (customized)

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The Solar PV Pico Grid is designed for up to 100 Houses and has a maximum capacity of 2kWp power providing for 2 Lights and a Phone Charger for each household. It is also extendable to a Micro Grid.

The Solar PV Micro Grid is designed for up to 300 Houses, has a maximum capacity of 10kWp power, providing for Lights, Radio, TV and other household applications.

The Solar PV Mini Grid is designed for over 300 Houses and a larger capacity up to 1 MWp power provided for Lights, Radio, TV, Fridge and and other household applications.

All systems have the potential to meet the essential energy requirements for isolated off-grid communities, while also providing the community with reasonable flexibility to electrify the village and achieve a higher standard of living.
Pico and Micro systems will operate on a power for cash scheme, giving the individual an option to purchase power on daily basis and individual requirements, without having to purchase a pre-paid meter which furthermore reduces initial investment costs.
The Pico and Micro Grid are designed as a cabinet based system as pictured below with direct connection to the consumer’s houses controlled from the centralized cabinet with load limiters. Please contact us for our customized solutions.